Watercolor painting ideas : positive and negative bunny

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Long time readers might know that we love to paint with watercolors. I have already shared our watercolor painting ideas like crayon resist watercolors tulip and glue hearts. These ideas are simple enough for preschoolers and easy to set up too. This time we had created positive and negative watercolor bunnies for Easter.

Watercolor tape resist painting ideas

Watercolor painting ideas!

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Materials required for these bunny paintings:

  1. Contact paper
  2. Watercolor paper
  3. Liquid watercolors
  4. Scissors
  5. Markers
  6. Bunny template (optional)

Method for these watercolor paintings:

  1. Cut the contact paper  as the same size of the watercolor paper.
  2. Draw a bunny outline at the back of the contact paper. You can use templates available over the internet.  I hand drew it.Bunny craft for preschoolers
  3. Cut out the inside portion of the bunny. I poked a hole on the outline of the bunny and cut along the outline.
  4. Remove the backing of the contact paper and paste the bunny on the watercolor paper.simple watercolor art ideas for preschoolers
  5. Paste the contact paper with bunny hole on another water color paper.Contact paper activity ideas for preschoolers
  6. Paint both papers with liquid watercolors. The contact paper will resist the paint. Watercolor techniques for kids
  7. We literally poured paint over the wet paper rather than applying paint with brush. It was  fun to watch flowing and mixing paints. Easter bunny art ideas
  8. Let both the paintings dry completely.
  9. Remove the contact paper to see the beautiful positive and negative bunny paintings.
Watercolor tape resist painting ideas
Positive Bunny
Watercolor painting ideas
Negative Bunny

So, what did you create with your kids this week?

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simple watercolor painting ideas for kids
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Positive and negative art ideas for kids

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Watercolor tape resist painting ideas

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