Coffee art – Easter egg dripping art

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I am a coffee drinker and love the aroma of coffee.. I limit myself to two per day – one in the morning and one in the evening.  Why not use coffee to paint? The entire room will smell good. We have already tried coffee art. Have you checked our flower and giraffe done using coffee? This time we used coffee to create a process art. Process art is art that focuses on the process rather than the output. We used the Easter egg to create the Easter egg dripping art with coffee.Easter activity ideas for preschoolers

Coffee art idea!

Materials needed for this dripping art:

  1. Plastic Easter egg
  2. Coffee
  3. Printer paper

Wow! I love when the materials list is short :-)coffee art ideas for kids


  1. Cover your work area. This dripping project is messy like any other dripping art.
  2. If you have noticed, plastic Easter egg has two small holes at each end. If the holes are closed with thin plastic, poke them with sharp pin to open.
  3. Make coffee. Cool. Pour the cold coffee to plastic Easter egg.
  4. While pouring, the coffee will start dripping through the holes. I tilted the egg to minimize dripping. Close the egg and let the kid go loose.
  5. The dripping coffee makes designs on the printer paper.process art ideas for preschoolers

Our coffee was little watery on the first attempt. It was rolling on the entire paper. So, the next day, I made a strong coffee which was fun to use! My preschooler had to shake the egg to make the coffee drip.

This process art idea is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. My preschooler had a blast with it. Have additional sheets near by. The kiddo may want to repeat the painting again and again.Paint without paint brush ideas

Have you tired a different medium to paint with? Share your experiences.

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process art ideas for preschoolers


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