Make Easter cards with preschoolers

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I prefer passing on cards on all occasions rather than sweet treats. We made five different cards for upcoming Easter and spring. Most of these cards were made by my preschooler. I  believe these card ideas will encourage you to make Easter cards with preschoolers!

Washi tape card ideas

Make Easter cards with Preschoolers!

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Materials to make these Easter cards:

  1. White Cardstock paper
  2. Black construction paper
  3. Easter stamp
  4. Ink
  5. School glue
  6. Acrylic paint
  7. Washable tempera paint
  8. Buttons
  9. Gems
  10. Washi tapes
  11. Markers
  12. Scissors

Don’t let the materials list scare you! This list is for five cards.

Easter card 1:


  1. Fold the black construction paper in half to make the card. Take half sheet of white cardstock paper. Glue the white cardstock on the black construction paper.  I love the black construction papers. They are thick like a cardstock.
  2. I could  locate only my black ink. It was a snowy day and my preschool was waiting at the craft table. So we used the black ink to make few cards.
  3. My preschooler stamped for the first time. I have to mention that the Easter stamp is huge and has a lot of stamps to cover Easter and spring. I have never seen such a big stamp.Stamping with preschoolers
  4. She stamped an egg basket and a bunny. Then she stamped “Happy Easter”

Easter card ideas for preschoolers

The card turned out good. However Easter is all about colorful eggs. We wanted to try something colorful. So moved on to the next card.

Easter card 2:

This card was stamped and colored. To make,

  1. Create the base card with black and white papers like card #1.
  2. Stamp the Easter tree and the wordings. Color them with sharpie.
  3. Add borders with washi tapeStamped card making ideas for Easter

A bit colorful but we wanted to add more colors in our cards. So, here comes the third card.

Easter card 3:

This was created out of washi tape. We added gems to add a little more interest. To create this card,

  1. Add a washi tape border to the white cardstock
  2. Paste washi tape in a cereal liner – the clear paper which comes in the cereal boxWashi tape craft ideas for preschoolers
  3. Draw eggs at the backMake Easter cards with preschoolers
  4. Cut the eggs out
  5. The clear paper can be removed like a sticker
  6. Remove the clear paper  and paste the washi tape sticker egg in the card
  7. My ten year old added the black “wire” with  marker
  8. (Optional) Paste gems on the washi tape egg with school glue
  9. Stamped “Happy Easter” with acrylic paintWashi tape card ideas

It is a colorful card for Easter.

Easter card 4:

My preschooler was insisting me to use colors in stamps. I could not locate my color inks yet. So we tried stamping with acrylic paint.

I applied the paint directly on the stamp with a paint brush. Stamped in the folded white cardstock. The images were not crisp. But my preschooler was happy to stamp colorful pictures.Spring stamped card ideas

My ten year old and I wanted to try for crisp images using paint.

Spring card 1:

Instead of directly applying the paint on the stamp, we used aluminum foil which created crispier images than applying paint directly on the stamp.  To make this card,

  1. Fold and create the base card using the white cardstock
  2. Take aluminum foil and pour the acrylic paint on it. Spread it out using the paint brushHow to use acrylic painting for stamping
  3. Take the paint in the stamp(from the foil) and stamp in the cardSpring activity ideas for kids
  4. (Optional) Place gems in the middle of the flowers using school gluesimple Spring flower ides

Spring card 2:

We made the card like spring card#1 but used tempera paint instead of acrylic paint. Also instead of gems,we used buttons at the center of the flowers. The look of the flowers got changed completely.Flower stamping with acrylic paint

I love Easter card #2, the one with tree. Which is your favorite? Have you ever tried making cards with preschoolers? Share your experiences. If not, are you ready to make Easter cards with preschoolers?

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Easter card ideas

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Washi tape card ideas


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