Handmade Christmas decorations : Silver Star ornament

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Handmade Christmas decorations are always unique. In addition to our shiny candy cane ornaments and sparkly Christmas ornaments, we made a silver star ornament. This Christmas ornament is suitable for bigger kids  as it has multiple steps. My ten year old and I made this.

Aluminium foil Christmas Ornaments

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Materials required to make this handmade Christmas Ornament:

  1. Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
  2. Aluminium foil
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. A piece of yarn
  5. Beads (Optional)


1. The first step is to cover the craft sticks with aluminium foil. Tear aluminium foil slightly bigger than the craft stick and cover it up. We did not glue the foil to the stick.  We need 6 sticks for each star.

Aluminium foil Christmas crafts

Handmade Christmas decorations

2. Connect the sticks together with hot glue gun. My daughter can safely use the hot glue gun in low. To make star shape, we made 2 triangles. Glued the triangles together to make the star.

3. Decorate the shiny star with beads. We stuck the beads with hot glue. We used beads to decorate our star but sequins, glitter etc would have worked too.

4. Attach a piece of yarn to the ornament to tie it to the tree.

Aluminium foil craft ideas

The silver star ornament is done. Aluminium foil and beads make it stand out. I just noticed that all of our handmade ornaments are made using aluminium foil. I joke that I use aluminium foil in the crafts more than in Kitchen. What do you think about our ornaments?

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Aluminium foil Christmas Ornaments

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Aluminium foil craft ideas

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