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I am Dhiyana, the author of Sparkling buds where I share about play based learning, art & craft ideas. I am a full time working Software Engineer currently located at California with my techie husband and two beautiful daughters aged eight and three.
I started this blog to share ideas, I do with my daughters! My grandma taught me many crafty things while growing up. Always I remember my grandma whenever I do projects like simple paper flower, simple crochet flower or simple embroidery project. I want to share the knowledge with my daughters. Moreover I feel my daughters may think about me whenever they do projects with their kids. I believe!

When my first daughter was born, I read many books about what to do with babies. Those books lit some interest. BTW, you can get a free book for activity ideas for kids 1 to 5. When I started doing playful educational activities with my daughter, we both enjoyed so much that we continue doing till this date. Playing (learning) math games using weekly ads is our latest favorite.

My toddler also joined the fun as soon as she was born. We play the games mentioned in our most popular post games to play with 3 year without anything every time we get a chance. We do fine motor skill activities like stringing cereal box beads and aluminium foil cutting activity or art activities like printed lady bugs or printed flowers!

I love doing activities which do not take much preparation time and can be done with simple ingredients which are available at home!

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